“This year has highlighted the importance of resilience in agriculture. We’re proud to celebrate those who've demonstrated the true spirit of our industry - with the grit and determination to make it against all odds."
Richard Cross, Commercial Director, KW

At KW we believe in changing agriculture for the better.

We are the UK’s leading direct to farm feed business selling over one million tonnes of products to the UK’s dairy, beef and pig farmers, as well as spearheading the development of alternative feeding in the UK.

This makes KW the natural choice for high performance livestock farms. Today, the choice of alternative feeds is greater than ever and we offer the widest possible range of dry, moist, liquid, blended and compounded feeds alongside more traditional straights, minerals, vitamins, protected fats, and silage additives. What makes KW different? Alternative feeding is more and more important on farm today, with farmers looking to reduce costs, raise yields or productivity, and improve herd health to meet the challenges of the future as well as meet the sustainability demands of consumers and retailers. This is why many of our team members come from farming backgrounds themselves, we understand the pressures of farming life. Our team of FAR trained expert nutritionists, sales specialists and customer support staff will help find the best diet for famers animals. Our aim is to help deliver maximum performance at best value, offer up to date market information and flexibility on buying preferences. KW help to lighten the load, making us the supplier of choice in the UK.

Why KW supports the industry Our vision is to be recognised as a company that changes the future of British food and farming for the better by being brave enough to change ourselves. This is why we believe in the importance of supporting the industry.

Sponsoring the New Entrant Award: Against the Odds shows how important we believe determination, resilience, growth and development is to the industry. They are core values of ours and it is great to recognise them in our farmers.

“Sponsoring the New Entrant Award: Against the Odds shows how important KW believes determination, resilience, growth and development is to the industry.”

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