Rebecca Scott and Liam Tickle

Co-founders, Snoutwood Trotters

Meet the Food Producers

“We feel proud to have significantly contributed to saving and promoting an animal breed that may otherwise have been lost forever”

After being gifted two pigs for a birthday, Rebecca and Liam are now successfully running their own food company.

The couple rear pedigree Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs, a traditional rare breed, which spend their entire life outdoors in their natural environment.

Creating delicious pork produce which is sold from their log cabin shop on site, the pair have recently ventured into catering for parties, weddings, birthdays, and public/community events.

From designing their own website to launching social media platforms, Rebecca and Liam have full control over their enterprise.

They regularly show people around the farm to talk to them about how they look after their animals and what they do, as many of them have no idea what is involved.

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