Rebecca Hadaway, 23

Fundraising Officer
The Prince's Countryside Fund

Meet the Fundraiser

"Agriculture needs young, fresh-minded people and I'm so proud to be part of this industry"

It was during her Human Geography degree Rebecca learned about some of the issues facing rural communities, both within the UK and overseas.

Keen to contribute to protecting fragile and vital landscapes, she discovered the Prince’s Countryside Fund because of its willingness to help from the bottom up.

Not only do they support those in need on the ground, but also through their connection with farming organisations and non-governmental bodies are able to help from the top-down.

Rebecca looks after the Fund’s corporate companies, as their contributions make up a large percentage of the charity’s income.

She also works in the office creating ways of how they can work with new partners, drafting contracts and sponsorship agreements, and writing letters. Getting involved with events she runs with these companies sees her travel extensively across the UK. 

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