Tom Kemp

Tom Kemp is passionate about farming, nutrition, health and fitness.

Designing exercise regimes that replicate every day farming activities, he has created ‘Farm Fitness’ - a unique outdoor workout concept located on his family’s arable farm in Essex.

Success has been rapid for his business which has been named as one of the world’s best gyms by Men’s Health magazine.

Tom works with many clients from children to businesses, even stag and hen parties who want to experience his quirky training plan and experience the positive physical and mental benefits.  

He is also looking into the potential for franchising his idea out to other farms and building up his customers.  

My biggest goal for 2020 is to keep pushing my potential, both in business and as an athlete. . With competitions on the horizon and some BIG plans in the pipe work I want to see how far I can take myself professionally... and physically. . Hitting my peak potential in both is going to be a tough juggling act and a huge challenge, but instead of sitting on the sidelines I’m going to push THROUGH each obstacle and use every small win as fuel for that fire

Sunday Engine - 22 Rounds. - x15 Calorie Ski. - x15 Calorie Assault bike. . My time 44.40